Here Come the Trainzes!

Super Sessions for Trainz Railroad Simulator

The coolest thing to come to Trainz since Trainz itself

Yes, this is the real deal. Trainz Super Sessions with dozens of fully automated trains, each on a full schedule.

No derailments. No failures. No fatal conflicts. No trains getting lost. Just endless activity for you to enjoy.

On top of that, each Super Session contains many hundreds of meticuloulsy placed trackside cameras, providing a much nicer view of both the trains and the scenery than you can ever get from inside a locomotive's cabine. You thought you know how these routes look? You ain't seen nothing yet!

This is very much a case of a picture being worth a thousand words. Watch the movie for an impression of what to expect.

All scenes in this movie are screen captures. None are constructed specifically for this movie. All are likely to occur somewhat similarly when you run these Super Sessions, yet none are likely to occur exactly the same each time. Our aim is variation and surprise. (Yes, the movement in this video is a bit choppy at times. This is due to it having been recorded in an Intel-only version of Trainz running on Apple Silicon, which requires the Intel instructions to be converted into Apple Silicon instructions in real time…! Additinally, the video capture software itself of course requires its resources. Under normal conditions though, these Super Sessions run as smooth as any other.)

Coming soon

Super Sessions for the following routes are currently being finalised:

A different approach to Trainz sessions

While strictly technically these are session files for Trainz, they provide a completely different experience from what you are used to from traditional Trainz sessions. To mark this distinction, we coin the term "Super Session". The idea is like that of watching a model railroad that is running dozens of fully automated trains simultaniously.

Some other unusual features:


None of this would have been possible without all the authors who created and made available all the wonderful assets we make use of in our Super Sessions. A few stand out: